Aztec West 5k

As I arrived at the Aztec West building, a swarm of athletes packed the area, stretching their sinewy legs and lacing up their running shorts, with a passionate grin knowing a chance of victory was up for grabs. I, however, had turned up wearing the fortifying Frampton Cotterell Harriers green t-shirt and I felt like a patriot to the club.

I was fully aware that I was not going to beat the time of 14 minutes however I wanted a new personal best on a flat competitive course.

Everyone there was an athlete, giving me the impression that I would be left behind, clueless of where to go. The Frampton Cotterell Harriers came in good numbers, so we all jogged outside and warmed up. As a man called us all over to start the race, all the elites gathered at the start. The briefing for the new Aztec winter series had just been announced and we were all eager to start.

The whistle blew and we were off and running. The adrenalin was pumping through my veins. I had a bad start as I set off too quickly with the crowd. Recovering from this was going to be hard therefore I slowed down by a couple of miles per hour and made my breathing pattern deeper and a lot slower. I was averaging a speed of 7 minutes a lap (for 3 laps), and still, I had enough time to pose for the Race Photographer!

Overall, it was a great night and I got a PB of 21 minutes exactly. Gutting as I was hoping for sub 21 minutes. However a PB is a PB and I was pleased with my time. Also PBs for all the other Harriers on the night showed the grit, determination and passion that we all have towards running.

Report by Euan Baker (age 15)

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