So it’s time to bust some myths!   Your Core is not the same thing as your Abdominals! Your abdominal muscles are just part of your core, they, along with your Obliques, small stabilising low back muscles and your hip muscles make up the corset that provides you with core stability. Sit ups and plank will ... More

Common Running Injuries

Running injuries are common, we discussed some of the most common injuries, the two main factors that can predispose these injuries and how best to manage and prevent these conditions. Common running injuries include Iliotibial band syndrome Patellofemoral pain syndrome (runners knee) Patellar Tendinopathy ... More

Sodbury Slog 2015

What’s more fun than a 10 mile run? A 10 mile cross-country run up hill and down dale, through water, mud and slurry of course. Never mind Glastonbury, welcome to the only mudfest that matters – the infamous Sodbury Slog. A large contingent of Harriers gathered at Chipping Sodbury school on 8th November 2015, ... More


As the name suggests a celebration of all things Halloween was the theme of this event for 200 runners.  The race HQ had been suitably decorated with a spooky atmosphere and all entrants were in fancy dress and for once us Harriers were very tame compared to others’ amazing costumes.  Photos and a video were playing of ... More

Bristol to Bath Marathon 2015

Sunday 25th October saw the running of the inaugural Bristol to Bath marathon, and a hardy band of Harriers decided to join in the fun. For most of us, this was to be our first marathon, made all the more exciting by being on home turf and the promise of the famous Green Army support. The morning of the race dawned dry ... More

Aztec West 5k

As I arrived at the Aztec West building, a swarm of athletes packed the area, stretching their sinewy legs and lacing up their running shorts, with a passionate grin knowing a chance of victory was up for grabs. I, however, had turned up wearing the fortifying Frampton Cotterell Harriers green t-shirt and I felt like a ... More

Watermore 10k – A Marshalls Report

On the 27 September many of the Frampton Harriers ran the Watermore 10K to raise money for Watermore Primary School. Unfortunately I was too late to enter the race myself so decided to offer my help as a marshal. We all met at the school and I was told where to go, I was stationed at Harris Barton with Lorna.  As we ... More


Report by Cathie Walsh An early, sunny, September evening saw nine Harriers (and some others in disguise, who won't be named and shamed here but blue really doesn't suit them!) assembled at Cribbs Sports & Social Club, Henbury in readiness for this annual charity fund raiser organised by Great Western Runners.  ... More

The Frampton Cotterell Harriers Star in ‘Its A Knockout!’

Saturday 5th September saw 24 members of the Harriers descend on All Star Action Days for their 'Its A Knockout!' event. Unfortunately the sunshine didn't get the memo but that didn't stop us having a fantastic time. After arrival and registration we were split into 2 teams of 12, and from that point the event organis... More

The Rat 100km

http://mudcrew.co.uk/event/the-rat-roseland-august-trail/ I had heard great things about this running festival. The event incorporates 64 miles, 32 mile, 20 mile and 11 mile options along the South Cornwall costal path. The start of each race is staggered so that all races finish close together. I knew a couple of ... More