Sodbury Slog 2015

What’s more fun than a 10 mile run? A 10 mile cross-country run up hill and down dale, through water, mud and slurry of course. Never mind Glastonbury, welcome to the only mudfest that matters – the infamous Sodbury Slog.

A large contingent of Harriers gathered at Chipping Sodbury school on 8th November 2015, proudly wearing our poppies to mark Remembrance Sunday. After the usual lively warm-up led by Terry the Tornado, we stood in silence for the Last Post before filing out onto the road for the start and being sent on our way by the cheering crowd.

We set off down Chipping Sodbury High Street, then took a quick turn onto the Wickwar Road and headed for the golf course, for our first taste of off-road terrain. Things quickly got interesting, as we negotiated bogs, streams and uneven ground, watched by curious bovine spectators who were clearly responsible for the regular cowpat obstacles. Trying desperately to stay upright, we waded through Boggy Bottom, surrounded by shrieks of laughter as valiant souls lost their footing, their dignity and occasionally their shoes.

We headed across the Common and after a brief respite on the road were soon back in the fields and heading for the Sheep Dip, which saw us thigh-deep in muddy water, before climbing steeply up to the hill fort at Old Sodbury, then just as steeply down, those at the back of the field trying desperately to maintain their balance on a track churned up by the feet of those who had gone before. Helpful marshalls advised us to mind our step as it was slippy. You don’t say!

Another short stretch on the road and then it was time for the Pig Trough, lined by cheering members of the Green Army who had made the sensible decision to spectate instead of joining in. Not that it guaranteed they would stay clean, as Lorna Kinsman found out…


Leaving the Common, we headed back to Race HQ. Through the underpass, singing the Rocky theme tune as we bounded up the steps, then into the school and the welcome sight of the finish line and marshalls with pliers ready to cut the timing chips off our mud-lagged shoes.

The Sodbury Slog is a race like no other, and everyone should do it at least once, although I guarantee you’ll be back. The results are almost irrelevant, as the distance is not accurately measured and it’s all about the mud rather than chasing a PB, but as always there were some cracking Harrier performances, not least from Ben Vincent, who didn’t have a number but ran it anyway in a time of 01:34:19 – now that’s true Harrier spirit!

Nick Bennett  01:11:16, Jason Bidwell  01:13:09, Mark Taylor  01:14:05 , Bruce Sellers 01:14:34, Peter England 01:15:23, Joe Collett 01:20:13, Andrew Griffiths 01:25:26, Jake Vincent 01:27:21, Tony Harris  01:27:44, Ian Kilgarriff 01:28:50, Michael Helliker 01:29:38, Ronan Conlon 01:30:44,  Andy Barton  01:33:28, Jake Mumford 01:34:21, Kevin  Smith 01:35:25, Noah Walsh 01:37:36,  Paul Mitchell  01:37:55,  Kathryn Tiley  01:41:28, Conor Ravenscroft 01:44:19, Helen Jackson  01:46:39, James Jackson  01:46:39 , Paul Burgess 01:49:39, Andrew Russell 01:52:42, Claire Fletcher 01:53:09, Natasha Bisp 01:54:19, Donna Conlon-Jones 01:56:06, Charlotte Spencer 02:00:47, Lee Masters 02:03:36, Nikki Hardy  02:03:38, Shelley Armorgie  02:04:34, Gemma Talbot 02:04:34, Sarah Presley  02:06:37, Teresa Chadwick 02:07:38, Jim Emsley 02:08:50, Rachel Potter  02:10:33, Rachel Potter  02:10:33, Claire Rees  02:10:40, Kirsty  Vice  02:10:55, Kirsty  Vice  02:10:55, Vicki Rodda  02:10:55, Vicky Shortman  02:11:17, Jennifer McEnhill  02:11:54, Julie Bryant 02:11:55, Claire Nutt 02:12:11, Michelle Picken  02:12:11

Report by Shelley Armorgie


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