The Frampton Cotterell Harriers Star in ‘Its A Knockout!’

Saturday 5th September saw 24 members of the Harriers descend on All Star Action Days for their ‘Its A Knockout!’ event. Unfortunately the sunshine didn’t get the memo but that didn’t stop us having a fantastic time.

After arrival and registration we were split into 2 teams of 12, and from that point the event organisers knew this would be the most competitive group they had hosted.

A quick warm up was sufficient enough as most of us had already completed a 3 mile Park Run before arriving, some debuting at Ashton Court and others pushing their PB at Chipping Sodbury.

First stop was the Washing Machine. A giant inflatable washing machine with 2 drums just the right size for a Harrier to dive through. There were 18 balls hidden within the washing machine which conveniently had already been on its wash cycle and was full to the brim with water and bubbles. The aim of the game was the first team to return all their balls to the bucket outside won. This was not an easy task and staying dry was an impossibility! Slipping and sliding in and out of the washing machine was the easiest bit, finding a ping pong ball in the depths of water and foam was a much more challenging effort. Needless to say that we would not be defeated and both teams triumphed to the finish. Round 2 saw the same game, but this time in pairs. Twice as much slipping around in a very limited amount of space!


Next onto the ‘Twin Tunnels’. A race to get your team through the inflatable tunnel and back again. Well races are what Harriers do best so out came the competitive streak again! We were all quick to realise that the best plan of attack was to dive into the tunnel as fast and with as much power as possible to be able to slide the full length of the tunnel and tumble out onto the grass at the end. Still being wet and foamy from the ‘Washine Machine’ definitely gave us extra glide but we were not short of more foam inside the tunnels! Again both teams cheered one another to the finish.


After a little time to dry off we headed to the ‘Bungee Run’.  This was an excellent event for resistance training. We were faced with the task of running the length of a wet foamy inflatable whilst attached to a bungee cord. The aim of the game was to stick a velcro bean bag further than your opponent. In true harrier style we all supported and cheered both teams, but that didn’t stop the sneaky pull of your opponents bungee cord and the un-sticking of each others beanbags to be the winning team.


Then onto ‘The Wall’. An inflatable wall where we threw wet sponges over the wall. The winning team was the side with the less number of sponges at the end of 2 1/2 minutes. A few wet sponges in the back of the head, a lot of laughter and a bit of cheating from both teams ensured we were all soaking wet again!


A quick towel dry and onto a bit more racing. The lovable childrens sack race and space hopper race. Needless to say the fully grown adults attempting to bounce on a space hopper suitable for children up to the age of 5 makes for alot of laughter.


Finally the last event of the day was the ‘Obstacle Inflatable’. A big bouncy inflatable with a slide. A race to get your team through the inflatable obstacles up the steps and down the side would secure a win for your team. Thankfully this was a dry inflatable, but our wet clothes assisted with a quicker trip down the slide!

At the end of the day both teams had agreed a draw. We laughed and we screamed but most of all demonstrated the Harrier spirit of teamwork and encouragement. An absolutely fantastic day was had by all.


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